LG RP4G XBOOM 360 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - LG

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LG RP4G XBOOM 360 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - LG

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LG RP4G XBOOM 360 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Product details

The RP4G XBOOM 360 Portable Bluetooth Speaker from LG is a stunning piece of audio engineering that will change the way you experience sound. Wherever you place the speaker, LG's sound technology combined with a conical body shape fills your entire space with natural and consistently high-quality, omnidirectional audio.

Authentic 360 sound with LG's patented technology:

Conventional speakers with multiple drivers disperse sound within a limited degree of space. Sound outside of those parameters can have uneven pressure and may become distorted. Which means, to fully enjoy the sound, you will have to be positioned in a specific sweet spot. LG has applied its new patented technology of optimal reflector structure to counteract these distortions. This allows the sound to disperse farther in every direction across your space. You no longer have to move around to find the listening sweet spot, it will bring the closest recreation of the original sound right to your ears wherever you may be.

Titanium Tweeter:

The compression horn tweeter compresses high notes and powerfully disperses them in 360 degrees. With its good rigidity, the solidified diaphragm is able to produce clearer high-pitched sound vibrating 10,000 times per second (10kHz) without damaging the material.

Glass Fibre Woofer:

The 5.25-inch woofer made of a lighter material with good elasticity produces dynamic low-end and cleaner vocals.

Bass Duct:

The structure of the duct delivers deep bass and rich, detailed sound.

Designed with spatial lighting experts:

XBOOM 360 lighting - inspired by everyday life, festivals, and nature - is designed to reflect the passage of time while creating the right ambiance for every moment. Each lighting mode finely adjusts colours, illuminance, and colour temperature to provide audio-visual immersion in harmony with your listening environments.

Download the App to custom your light:

Use the XBOOM app to customize 360° lighting. Choose from 16.8 million colours to enhance your immersion and elevate daily moments every time you listen to music.

Grab and Go:

An aluminium handle enhances mobility and convenience, with a sturdy grip that makes it easy to move. And with a built-in battery that last up to 10 hours, feel free to move around and experience the joy for longer.

*Actual battery life varies depending on network connectivity and lighting usage.


  • 360° sound
  • 360° spatial lighting
  • Bluetooth
  • Up to 10 Hour play time
  • Aluminium handle
  • Titanium tweeter
  • Glass fibre woofer

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