Sunny Fruit Dried Melon, 624g

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Sunny Fruit Dried Melon, 624g

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Sunny Fruit Dried Melon, 624g

Product details

Sunny Fruit Galia Melon is grown in rich, nutritious soil, where ample moisture and natural sunlight work in harmony to create lush, succulent fruit. Named after the fruit grower’s daughter, the Galia Melon is a hybrid of cantaloupe and honeydew. Its skin resembles a cantaloupe on the outside, but on the inside, it looks just like honeydew - and it tastes like both!

The fresh melons are picked at peak ripeness - when there is a sweet aroma to the skin - and dried until they reach the perfect flavor and texture. They are packed at the source, using the highest quality materials and modern standards, to allow the fruit to retain their freshness and softness. When you open a pack of Sunny Fruit Galia Melon, you smell and taste nothing but the pure melon flavor.

The Galia Melon is a great addition to your pantry and kitchen table. They can be used as a snack, with cereal, with yogurt, in desserts, and in main meal recipes.

    •    Enjoyed in All Seasons

    •    Can be Used in Baking

    •    Can be Used as a Topping for Yogurt & Cereal

    •    Ideal for Snacking

    •    Suitable for Vegans

    •    Gluten Free

    •    Nut Free

    •    624g

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