Winix Zero-SE Air Purifier with HEPA & Additional Filter, AZSU355-NKB - Winix

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Winix Zero-SE Air Purifier with HEPA & Additional Filter, AZSU355-NKB - Winix

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Winix Zero-SE Air Purifier with HEPA & Additional Filter, AZSU355-NKB

Product details


- Purifies up to 100m²

- 4 x Carbon De-odorising Filters

- Particle and Light sensor

- Dimensions: W 38 x D 20 x H 60 cm

- True HEPA filter with Plasmawave

Product details:

Air purifier WINIX ZERO-SE is a powerful air purifier that purifies the indoor air quality for 99.99%. This air purifier is suitable for all rooms up to 100m². With a powerful CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 410 m³ per hour, this air purifier helps you to purify your living room, bedroom or office space from particulate matter, allergies, bacteria and viruses.


This air purifier is extremely effective at filtering pollen, house dust mites, particulate matter (PM2.5), pet hair, mold spores, household odors (VOCs) and cigarette smoke. Air purifier ZERO-SE uses a 4-stage filtration system and filters the indoor air quality by means of 1) a pre-filter, 2) carbon filter, 3) an H13 HEPA filter (99.999%) and our PlasmaWave® Technology. Using the automatic mode and smart sensor technology, this air purifier proactively cleans the air in all rooms.


Clean Indoor Air

Using our air purifiers, you protect yourself and your family from harmful viruses, allergens and pollutants, and you live in a healthy indoor climate at home or in the office. 



Using our Air Purifiers can be a solution to reduce allergy symptoms such as Hay Fever caused by dust and pollen. Our air purifiers are helping you to reduce the symptoms from dust allergies, house dust mite allergies, pet allergies from cats, birds and dogs. This air purifier eliminates, filters and removes all allergens that cause an allergic reaction from the air in your home environment.


Particulate Matter

Our air purifiers are helping in cleaning your indoor air which is contaminated with particulate matter. With our air cleaners, you can filter and remove harmful particulate matter from your indoor air. People with lung diseases, asthma, COPD and patients who are suffering from dust allergies due to air greatly benefit from reducing the harmful particulate matter in their home environment.


Bacteria & Viruses

With a combination of the H13 HEPA Filter and our PlasmaWave® Technology this Air Purifier WINIX ZERO-S is reducing bacteria and viruses (Influenza H3N2) for 99.97% in one hour.


Cigarette Smoke

Our air purifiers are filtering almost all pollution from cigarette smoke inside your home environment and reducing the sharp smell of it. As a result, your indoor air quality becomes healthy and clean again.



VOCs in your home indoor environment can cause very unpleasant health risks such as; development of allergies, concentration problems, dizziness, breathing problems, fatigue and headaches. Long-term exposure can cause serious health damage, such as accelerated aging of brain functions. Using our air purifier will help you to filter those VOC’s which are always around in your home indoor environment.


Mold Spores

With an air purifier you not only create clean indoor air for you and your family, but you also create an environment in which molds can hardly thrive. Airborne mold spores are removed during our 4-stage filtration process, which also helps You to reduce the musty odors.


Pet Lovers

This air purifier helps reduce allergies in pets and prevents hair and dander from our pets in the air. Relieve your dog allergy, cat allergy or other animal allergy symptoms by purifying your indoor air quality. The ZERO air purifier uses a washable fine mesh pre-filter that detects and captures all the smallest airborne particles in the air, so you don’t have to separate from your furry friend anymore!





  • Washable Pre-filter
  • 4 x Carbon Deodorising filter
  • True HEPA filter
  • Plasmawave: Yes
  • Particle and light sensor
  • Fan speeds: Low-Med-High-Turbo
  • Modes: Auto/Sleep
  • Filter reset: Pin-type
  • Air-quality light display: 3 Step (Blue/Amber/Red) 
  • CADR (airflow): 410 m3/h
  • Max room capacity: 100m²
  • Dimensions: W 38 x D 20 x H 60 cm
  • Weight: 7.5kg

 Model: AZSU355-NKB


Room Capacity100m²
HEPA FilterYes
Carbon Filter4
Number of speeds4
Auto ModeYes
Sleep ModeYes

TypeAir Purifier
DimensionsW 38 x D 20 x H 60 cm

    Product reviews

    2 reviews

    Salman A

    I've been using the Winix Zero-SE Air Purifier for a few weeks now, and I'm impressed with its performance. The HEPA filter does an excellent job of removing dust, allergens, and odors from the air, making it much fresher and cleaner to breathe. The additional filter is a nice bonus, extending the life of the purifier. It's relatively quiet, even on higher settings, and the sleek design fits well in my home. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this purchase!

    Kane R

    The Winix Zero-SE Air Purifier is a game-changer! With its HEPA filter and additional layer of purification, it removes allergens and odors effectively. Sleek design and quiet operation make it perfect for any room. Highly recommended for clean, fresh air at home!