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Be One of the 20 with EA SPORTS™ F1® 24, the official video game of the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship™. Unleash Your Champion in pursuit of a legacy-defining F1® Career, the mode’s first major update since 2016. Drive like the greatest and feel at one with the car through the all-new EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling, and Ignite your Passion by connecting to your favorite teams and drivers while proving that you have what it takes across new modes and experiences. 

Unleash Your Champion in Driver Career Mode 
For the first time ever, jump into the newly innovated Driver Career and race as one of the current F1® drivers. Play as your hero and build on their existing stats and reputation, bring back legendary icons from the past to continue their F1® legacy, or play as yourself and climb the ranks as an F1® or F2™ rookie. 

Gameplay Innovations True to the World of F1®
Experience a new driver accolades system that tracks your achievements across multiple seasons and secret contract meetings, multi-season rivalries, new cut-scenes, and voice lines from the real drivers taken from actual F1® broadcasts. All of this alongside every team, driver, and circuit from the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship™. 

Drive Like The Greatest:
Our largest-ever physics and handling update delivers the most authentic and immersive driving experience ever felt in an F1® title, powered by EA SPORTS Dynamic handling. F1® 24 features an all-new suspension kinematics system, improved tyre model, more detailed aerodynamic simulation, new engine settings, and expanded car setup options, giving you more control over how your driving style impacts your car’s performance and race strategy. 

Prove What It Takes To Be One of the 20

Challenge Career:
A new way for our community to experience the F1® season. Challenge Career offers episodic competitive play with mini Career scenarios to test your skills through unique events and challenges. Compete for the best scores on the community leaderboards. Have your say on future content episodes by voting in our social media polls. 

Two-Player Career:
Your favorite multiplayer racing Career returns, including all the new features from the single-player Driver Career. Partner with a friend to play cooperatively on the same F1® team, or competitively as rivals on different teams. 

Fanzone - Ignite Your Passion:
Show your allegiance to your favorite team and driver, and collaborate with fellow racers around the world to fight for bragging rights in the Fanzone Championship. Complete collaborative goals with your fellow Fanzone members to raise your Zone’s profile in the standings and unlock unique rewards and items. Track your Fanzone progress on the Racenet app.

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